Thursday, April 17, 2008

What's so bad about a loose upper lip?

Unlike Jamaicans, the English love to make their lives uncomfortable.

Why be warm inside when you can be chilly? Why drive an automatic when you can drive a manual? Why have a mixer on your bathroom taps when you can fling your hands between the boiling hot and freezing cold? Why have the butcher remove the nasty stubbs of inedible chicken feet when you can pay for the extra weight and then deal with removing them yourself? Why buy bacon without the inedible rind when you can buy it with? Why have cable tv when you can limit your view to 4 or 5 pathetic stations?

The list, I'm sure, goes on.

Why have AC in your shops or offices when you can sweat during the summer heat, for example?

Give me a loose upper lip to a stiff one any day.


Stunner said...

Sweating in the heat is no fun star, gimmi the AC!

Anonymous said...

and what prompted this rant??

rawpoliticsjamaicastyle said...

I am with Stunner on this one, though like anonymous, I am curious - what's up?

baby su said...

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