Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bland soup

Well, I spoke way too soon in my last bolg - and I'm now writing to you a full 12 pounds lighter than the last time I wrote to you . Thanks to some bug I acquired last week with gastro attached. I'm back at work - but still haven't had a proper meal since atleast last week Monday. Last night I had half a bowl of tomato soup. I suppose the tomato sounds brave - but I've gone off the idea of chicken noodle soup- as I had some last Tuesday which I think made matters ratherworse, and am now associating with this illness. Will go out on the prowl today for something like butternut squash, potato and leek or some other blandish soup.

Anyway, as a result of not eating for more than a week I am feeling quite feak and weeble. But I'm here feeling somewhat better than last week.

My time in Trinidad was great and busy. Lots of parties. Dancing in costume in the street. Little sleep. Came back on Ash Wednesday feeling quite fine - as opposed to most others who were down with coughs or sinus problems. I thought I had escaped. But perhaps I had weakened my immune system - resulting in my Tuesday cough and sniffles followed swiftly by the works including extreme fatique by Wednesday afternoon.

Slept for 16 hours on Saturday (Feb 16) and was on Dr's orders to do nothing on the weekend, so didn't. I suppose that helped significantly. Start to question one's own existence however, when you've been out of the loop for so long....

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