Monday, January 21, 2008

Global bad news is local good news?

Stock markets globally are falling, thanks to fears of an impending or existing US recession.

Meanwhile, the Jamaican stock market seems to be doing quite well - proof of the contrary nature of our economy.

It should be a roller coaster year, but perhaps our market will boom this year, as 'Altertative Investment' investors seek safer harbour, and as our economy continue to buck global economic trends, whether they are positive or negative.

Given that we managed to accomplish negative growth when the rest of the world was booming, a global recession might be great news for us, as our economy may now grow. As long as no pyramids tumble, and as long as mother nature gives us a break - we may have a chance.

The alternative, that we will do even worse than the rest of the world, is not worth thinking about.


Anonymous said...

Come on Bart, dont be so negative!

Bart said...

Man - and there I was thinking I was being more positive than usual!