Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The power of positive thinking

Three months of rain, an office 6 feet underground, the need to find a new job like yesterday - all contribute to a feeling of being 'down in the mouth.' I've been trying a few therapies to get over this. Positive thinking and positive drinking.
Positive drinking is fine - it entails going to my local and downing enough alcohol to make myself feel 'up in the mouth'. But one tends to feel that perhaps this isn't a terribly good idea - I'm sure someone somewhere has said something about the dangers of drinking as a mood enhancer.
Yesterday I tried a bit of positive thinking - and later had a few drinks - mainly rum. Rum's my chum. And I found that worked too - perhaps better than drink alone.
So far today I've just used positive thinking - it ain't drinking time yet - and its carried me through the day quite well.
So I think a combination of the two therapies is called for. Positve thinking followed by a bout of positive drinking followed by a bout of positive thinking. What will happen if I try both at once? Can I multi-cask like that? Does it bear drinking about?

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