Friday, September 14, 2007

Here at last...

The new government in Jamaica is finally in place. Now the work starts in trying to turn around this country after 18.5 long years of mismanagment at best.

If anyone wants to see what a statesman should look like - they should take a look at Bruce Golding our new prime minister. OK - he may not look all that great - he doesn't have the movie-star good looks of Michael Manley. But his speeches so far have been excellent. Jamaica is lucky to have him. The US would be lucky to have him. Not really sure about Brown at the mo - so I won't say anything there.

Meanwhile, the opposition is attempting to have several MPs disqualified from parliament - in an attempt (hopefully futile) to gain power through the back door. They are saying that as many as 8 MPs have foreign citizenship, in contravention of our constitution. This could open up a real unpleasant can of worms. But hopefully worms or not, there will be some wiggle room - that can allow a sensible legal soloution.

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