Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The future is green

Our crazy government in Jamaica is losing the little sense God gave them. The PM called a state of emergency after Dean hit. Nobody knew what that entailed. It was apparant that the elections, set for the 27th would be postponed - nobody knew till when.The Governor General gave one reason for the state of emergency, the PM another. The Electoral body said that we would have elections on the 3rd,. The government said not necessarily. The ministry of education said we would have them on the 3rd.

There were rumours that the government was divided, and that the PM had boxed the minister of education (both formidable women) in the face during a cabinet meeting - and that the minister of finance had to split them up.

The PM said she wouldn't lift the state of emergency until power and light had been restored - which the power company told us could be weeks. It looked like we could have the elections under the state of emergency - as was done by Michael Manley in 1976 - when he used the opportunity to lock up several Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) MPs. Then she lifted it the next day. And we were finally told that elections would be on Sept 3.

I am hopeful (knock wood) that the JLP will in fact win. To help them along, I will be working on election day as a 'cluster supervisor' looking after a few polling stations in the National Arena, for the JLP. This could be a very exciting role - but hopefully will not be. The ruling Peoples National Party (PNP) are not beyond trying to intimidate and to steal boxes. My sanity has already been questioned by colleagues and friends - and I have been asked if I am the right colour for such a role.

I've been having a few meetings at the constituency office - and its been very interesting seeing what's involved and meeting the grass roots people who are involved.

Anyway, its all very exciting. And if the JLP lose this one then God help us all. I think several high-ranking members of the PNP would also like to lose given their poor opinion of Portia the PM. But I suppose there could be some opportunity there too - as people may flee the country in droves, creating employment opportunities perhaps, or real estate deals - a la the 1970s.

This woman really seems to have lost the plot. Referring to herself in the third person as 'Mama P' - up from the former 'Sista P'. The radio ad which sang a happy jingle thanking "Papa God' for giving us 'Mama P' took the cake.

The police and army and election day workers (not me) voted yesterday - and indications are that the vast majority of them (according to the JLP canvas) voted JLP. For one polling station it was beleived to be 134 for the JLP and 19 for the PNP - which is hopefully a good indication that the future is Green (the JLP colour) and not orange (the PNP's).

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