Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Change is coming baby

Our elections in Jamaica are around the corner. Nah change no course with the PNP - or voting for a better Jamaica with the JLP.

To me there is little choice. Had the JLP been in power for 18.5 years I'd probably think they had been in power too long, especially if the end result was one of the highest murder rates in the world, corruption without equal, children leaving school without being literate, stagnation and inflation. The danger to democracy should we have one party in power for 23 years is too scary to contemplate.

So I will be voting for the JLP - and I am happier to do so now that I have seen their manifesto, which is even better than the manifesto they had in 2002 - and is a document which inspires and brings hope. There is very little hope in Jamaica anymore. Most people seem to think that we can not transform ourselves and that we should be happy with a growth rate of 1 or 2 per cent. That we should be content with having a per capita income that is now the second lowest in the region, after Haiti - now that Guyana has overtaken us.

And yet, we expect so much from ourselves in other areas - golds athe Olympics, the song of the century, etc.

No government after 18+ years in power can come up with new ideas - all they can offer is more of the same at best. The JLP offers more of the same at least.

So - I hope if you are a Jamaican with a vote that you also want to vote for a change of course. If not, I hope you will won't bother yourself with a trip to the polling station - especially if you live abroad. Visit after the election! I beleive the JLP will win - but if they don't there will be much opportunity I expect - as there will be renewed emigration.

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