Monday, July 30, 2007

Stealing manifestos

The JLP - Jamaica's opposition party - is launching its manifesto today, the first party to do so before the general elections of August 27th.

No doubt it will be a thick and well thought out document - outlining their plans for their hoped for term in government.

No doubt the ruling PNP - which will be launching its manifesto on August 9th - will pilfer,lift, plagerise and down-right steal most of the best ideas, which they will then scramble to put in a basic and flimsy document 10 days later.

That is what happened 5 years ago - so there's no need to expect different this time. Hopefully though, the electorate will not be fooled this time around.

Fact is 99% of the electorate, if not more, do not read the manifestos anyway - although some will get to hear about them trough the media. The JLP had the better manifesto by far last time and it made little difference. Or did it?


Anonymous said...

how green you you really see any original thought in the JLP manifesto, but for that one which will reward Butch Stewart for "exporting" J'can tourism, it seems?

I guess coming in from the cold, your logic is still thawing.

Bart said...

Thanks for your comments. This piece was written before the launch of the JLP manifesto - so made no comment on the actual content. But whether the thoughts are original or not - what is more important is that they are delivered. Didn't see anything in there about Butch Stewart - who for years was closely attached to the PNP government.