Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Elvis celebrates St. Patrick's day in Jamaica

Elvis and his twin joined the Conga line on the Party Mound at Sabina Park on St. Patrick's Day - as they cheered on Ireland in their cricket match against Pakistan.

Well - as incredible as it may seem - its true. There's the picture to prove it.

But even the greatest Elvis-sceptic would have greater ease in swallowing that one, than beleiving that the minnow Ireland would whoop killer whale Pakistan. Impossible.

But I witnessed it - and survived hundreds of beer swilling Irish men, women, six-foot tall leprechauns, Elvis and his dopple-ganger - to tell the tale.

Unfortunately, that is more than can be said for the Pakistani coach who died hours later- presumably a stress-realted heart attack.

Anyway - after 15 consecutive months of being on the rock, it is official, I have islanditis. Only known cure is getting away. I'm going to Graceland, (Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee I'm going to Graceland) where I expect to see either Elvis or his twin ( I still can't tell them apart).

But perhaps he will be here cheering Ireland onto victory over the WI at their next match on Friday.

Weirder things have happened.


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