Friday, August 17, 2007

Dean and the election

Hurricane Dean is barreling towards Jamaica - already a cat 3, it may hit us on Sunday.

What impact could Dean have on the elections?

The elections could be delayed by up to a month if the GG deems it necessary. The big political meeting the JLP was going to have at HWT on Sunday - with atleast 70k people in attendance has been postponed.

If the hurricane hits it may help the JLP - because it may intensify the mood of changing course - but hurt the country.

But if it hits and everyone feels an outpouring of love for portia and her ability to hug and kiss and look caring - then it could help the PNP.

Right now, the jlp should win - so any delay could help the PNP - evn though the JLP has the momentum

So - if its a JLP hurricane it will change course. If its a PNP hurricane - like Portia - it won't be changing no course.

Portia has called a meeting of the emergency services to discuss hurricane preparation. This surprises me - I would expect her to call a meeting of churchmen and pray instead. Except perhaps, she would be praying for it to hit.

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